last week

I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination
– Jimmy Dean

We cannot change fate, true. There is nothing good or bad, thinking it makes it so… it’s all in the mind, I tell you. I had a great weekend. My sister was in Penang last weekend, and I really enjoyed her presence. We watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Unfortunately the movie was a bit boring (sorry Harry Potter’s fans!) and my sister even slept halfway through the movie. It was very funny; suddenly I heard her dozing away! Hahahah..

Anyway, my supervising lecturer came to observe me on Wednesday. “There is always room for improvement.” That’s her comment. I guess I have to hone my talent as a teacher. And I have to improve on my set induction and closure.


the passing…

This a cycle of life.  Every living things must die. Thus, the passing of the pop king, MJ is part of this cycle. Sure, we mourn his passing, but we must accept the fact that he has died. No matter how much controvercies that surrounded him while he was alive, but he is a human being. There is no need to glorify and turn him into a saint. He was what he was….
If you enter this world knowing you are loved
and you leave this world knowing the same,
then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.
Michael Jackson

Teaching practice

Today, it will be nearly 4 weeks or one month I am in SKSJ2. The environment here is positive and the pupils are very friendly. Yesterday, my lecturer came to observe my teaching. Basically, there is still room for improvements, although there are some positive and negative comments from my lecturer. I will try to do better for my future lesson. Her best advice was – think what would capture the pupils’ interest through the whole lesson. And,  I also have to communicate with the pupils especially pupils at the back of the class.

Being here teaches me the value of being patient. Sure, the pupils are naughty thus I have to be very patient. I find myself bit by bit falling in love with this profession. I hope that by this teaching practice, I would be a capable teacher…. insya Allah….

The End or is it the beginning?

Finally, all good things must come to an end…

The holiday is over-damn! Oooppsss… shouldn’t use swear words!

Anyhow, I’ll be going back to Penang on Saturday night and will arrive on Sunday morning. I’ll miss my sister, but I know without sacrifice, success won’t come to me. I have to be patient, insya Allah, I will graduate at the end of the year…


I am a bit nervous about my practicum, but I have to be strong. These 3 weeks will remain in my memory. Cooking spaghetti with my cousins and sister, kenduri at my aunt’s house, fighting (gaduh2 sayang) with my cousins- all these moments are precious to me. I have to appreciate my bond with my family.


Well, I must be prepared mentally and physically for my practicum. It’s not the destination inasmuch as the climb for success…

mungkir janji

Aku sgt benci org yg mungkir janji. Bg aku buat apa berjanji tp tak tunaikan? Aku tgh bengang dengan someone yg dah mungkir janji dgn aku ni… tp, aku akan cuba lupakan…

Slips of tongue

Aku akui, aku bukanlah orang yg terlalu sopan dlm percakapan. Dlm kata lain, aku ni selalu cakap lepas. Tapi kalu kau tension dengan benda lain, perlu ke kau marah2 aku macam tu dpn semua org dengan naik nada suara tinggi? Menyampah betul! Dahlah masa laptop aku rosak dulu, dia menghasut kak ana jgn temankan aku pegi baiki laptop! Aku still bengang lagi actually. Cuma aku cuba lupakan je. Tapi hari ni aku bengang sgt. Aku bengang dan teringat semula hasad dengki dia. Bengangnya!!!!!!

Kau memang menyakitkan hati!!!

Tolonglah aku untuk melupakanperkara ini…

Sabar Ani, sabar…



things don’t always turns out the way u want them to be…


the things we hate maybe the best for us…


people we are mad are the people that wants the best for us…


life is so strange that we don’t know which is the correct path…


we have to move along the way, even though by moving on means we are hurting ourselves